Juul Pods For Sale

JUUL manufactures the highly compactly JUUL pod system device which uses JUUL pods. Each Pod contains .7ml of satisfying 5% salt nicotine E-liquid, to provide an alternative to quit smoking. Currently, we have two different 4 packs of JUUL pods flavors for sale which you can buy online on our website, VapeGodShop. 

The device is a slim pocket-friendly device and comes in classic colors. Easy to use due to not having settings to change or any buttons to press, just start vaping like a disposable. You can also shop for the devices right on our website or CLICK HERE. 

Two flavors for sale online today:

JUUL Menthol: An incredibly smooth icy blast of mint which is so much better and smoother than menthol cigarettes 

JUUL Virginia Tobacco: If you are a tobacco fan, buy Virginia Tabacco, the perfect switch for smokers who smoke traditional cigarettes. This flavor delivers amazing American grown Tabacco right to your palms. 

The pods are designs for the JUUL stick! We have discounts for buying bulks of pods! Currently, we have only a limited choice of flavors, the top two sellers. Within 3-4 days you could have a pack of pods with our fast delivery and great customer service. 

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