About Us & Vaping

Our Mission:

Here at VapeGodShop.com, we want to spread awareness that vaping is indeed much safer than smoking. In a study done by Dr. Robert Cranfield, he found that formaldehyde (a cancer causing chemical) is only produced in harmful levels via cigarettes and cigars. In vaping devices formaldehyde is only produced at semi-harmful levels when the coil is overheated to an extreme temperature. Most vape users will not use super high wattage for an exponential amount of time. This study used a formaldehyde detector and measured multiple "hits" of a vaping device, cigarette, and cigar. The vaping device produced significantly less formaldehyde than either of the two. Keep in mind, the air we breathe also has constant low levels of formaldehyde due to pollution and cigarette exposure. It's important to remember cigarettes have significantly more cancer causing chemicals than just formaldehyde. If you want to watch this study in action for yourself here it is:

Other notes about vaping:

  • Nicotine is not nearly as addictive in e-juice as it is in cigarettes, because cigarettes have thousands of other chemicals that heighten nicotine's effects.
  • Nicotine is about as harmful as caffeine when used correctly.  .
  • Keep nicotine out of reach from children, drinking this can be very harmful.
  • Coils need to be switched out when burnt, because they tend to produce slightly more formaldehyde than normal coils. Still significantly less than cigarettes though so don't worry too much.

Who We Are:

We're a team of dedicated entrepreneurs based all throughout the USA. Our main office is in New Orleans, Louisiana. At VapeGodShop.com we focus on making you happy, because you are what matters. Everyone here works diligently to provide you with amazing customer service. Hearing what your needs are and how we can improve helps us a lot. Being different from every other company is a big thing to us. What makes us different you ask? Adaptation, this ability provides you with all the new products that are coming out. By pursuing what's new, we're also able to communicate with our customers easier and more effectively than anyone else. With us email is one of the many ways to keep in contact. These options include: texting, snapchat, instagram, live website chat, and of course emailing. Another big thing is inventory, we have stocked an exponential amount in our New Orleans, LA warehouse. This advantage lets us get orders out the same day you place an order (If it is before the cut-off time). Our social presence on YouTube is also greater than any other retail vape company in the past year, as we've gotten in front of over 15 million people. All of our products are not over priced, and we make sure they are of the utmost quality. You can always expect affordable prices, low shipping cost(Free for orders over $60), fast shipping and handling, caring customer service agents catering to your every need, and the ease of navigating our website. Most companies take forever to get popular products back in stock. We go one step further and don't stop until we can stock all of your needs. So, if you see something out of stock on our site, expect to see it back in stock soon. We look forward to serving you, if we serve you already you already know all of the above is true. 
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