Iced Blueberry

Iced Blueberry Ziip Pods

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Iced Blueberry | 5% Strength | 4 Pods


Who doesn't love a cup of freshly frozen blueberries? Even though these pods don't come in a cup, it will taste like they did. With a chilling inhale, and a nice blueberry exhale these pods will leave you satisfied. 

Ziip pods are 1.0ml compatible and flavorful pods. The flavors Ziip provides are the strong points of their brand. These pods are equip with a smooth throat hit, and a satisfying draw. Take slow and steady draws. Don't hit these too often or you may get a burnt hit occasionally. When using these correctly you should be on your way to a pleasurable vaping experience.

Disclaimer: This product is not manufactured or endorsed by JUUL Labs