Mint Sea Pods

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Mint | 5% Strength | 4 Pods


Mint? Yes mint, that's what it taste like. The flavor on these sea pods will definitely remind you of a cool mint flavor that's very popular. It's not exact but it's very close. It has a part natural mint flavor, but part of it will kind of remind you of spearmint. The throat hit is very satisfying as you can feel the coolness of the mint and the kick of the nicotine simultaneously. 

Sea pods (sea100) are compatible pre-filled 1.0ml pods that taste great, last long, and provide an excellent throat hit.

Disclaimer: This product is not manufactured or endorsed by JUUL Labs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

The mint taste is really good! Much better than the Juul pods. The only negative is the pods leak a bit, but not enough to turn me away from this product.


I bought these and another brand to try to find an alternative to the Juul pods, because quite frankly I'm cheap and like to find the best value. I haven't tried the other flavors from this brand, although my initial impression isn't very good. Packaging, design and functionality is all good. The mouthpiece is curved which is a nice change from the Juul version, as it contours to a mouth better. The first pod I opened however, was already leaking out of the pod. I haven't opened the other 3 however.

Flavor wise, these are weird, they are minty, but in a strange way. I can't exactly describe the flavor, but it isn't a nice mint flavor. I won't let one product of theirs deter me from future purchase, but it certainly won't be mint again, will hope their menthol will have a better flavor.