Best Koi CBD Products To Find in Fort Worth, TX

There are a few Koi CBD products you should not miss in your list of favorites. You can trust VapeDZ to bring you the best selection you can never go wrong with. So keep reading to know what you must have in your collection.

  1. The Complete Full Spectrum CBD Gummies 

These are probably some of Koi's best CBD products because of their convenience and formulation, which goes beyond the standard gummies you are used to. They contain 100mg of federal-compliant Delta-9 THC per jar and 500mg full spectrum CBD. Each volume of this gummy is safe and legal to use since it contains less than 0.3% Delta-9. The gummies have an authentic, clean taste, with various flavors including grape, Pomegranate, and pineapple.

  1. Naturals Peppermint CBD Tincture 

The Koi tincture should be exciting if you are not into gummies. Besides the unique flavor, this tincture delivers in terms of performance, thanks to the ultra-valuable cannabinoids and terpenes it comes with. What's more, it has zero THC, making it safe. The tincture contains 1000mg of hemp extract. Its clean and refreshing ingredients are also easy on the body.

  1. Hemp Extract CBD Softgels - Nighttime 

This nighttime CBD soft gels from Koi will be the perfect remedy for sleep aid. They contain  25mg of CBD and 1mg of melatonin per capsule and are extremely gentle for the user. In addition, it contains natural ingredients, and its effects can last up to 8 hours, ensuring you get quality sleep.

  1. CBD Tropical Popsicle Disposable Vape Bar 

If you prefer vapor, then this Koi popsicle is what you need. Its compact and slim size makes it ideal for enjoying your CBD vapor whenever you need it. Each puff improves the mouthwatering tropical flavor. You will love that it is easy to use and requires no assembling. It comes with a 280mAh battery and a 1.3mL vape oil which CBD isolate and flavoring. This pocket-friendly vape bar from Koi is also easy to use.

  1. CBD Mango Delta-8 Gummies 

These Koi gummies are your go-to solution if you are looking for pure CBD gummies with excellent mango flavor. The Delta-8 gummies are excellent if you are looking for a tropical flavor. Each piece of gummy offers  25 milligrams of Delta-8 THC distillate.

  1. CBD Pain Relieving Gel Roll-On 

Koi offers the perfect solution for those tight and tensed muscles and joints. The gel roll-on from Koi is easy to use, not to mention its effectiveness. Each tube contains 500mg cannabidiol blended with 19 soothing essential oils. The effect lasts for 6 hours and more.

  1. Special Sauce CBD Pre Roll 

If you love hemp flowers but would rather not crash them, this Koi vape pipe is your best solution. This is the ultimate convenience for all flower lovers. It offers a full gram of organic flower and comes with a filter that improves and makes each inhalation smooth. In addition, it is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that comes in sweet berry flavors.

  1. CBD Flower – Legendary OG 

If you want a fresh flower flavor that is highly potent, then the legendary OG from Koi is a perfect choice. This product is extremely soothing and comes with a 16% CBD content. In addition, you will feel more satisfied because of its floral and fruit tart flavors. They come in 4 grams and are fully compliant with the law since it has less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

  1. Skincare CBD Facial Serum 

Finding the right skincare product is not easy, so this Koi CBD facial serum is an excellent choice. It works for people with dry and dull skin with fine lines. In addition, this is the perfect serum for anyone who wants to hydrate and moisturize their skin deeply. 

It is excellent for daily use since it contains soothing natural ingredients since each 500mg CBD bottle comes enhanced with prickly pear, apricot, and jojoba. Additionally, this serum has collagen and vitamins that repair the skin deeply.

  1. CBD Joint Support Dog Treats

Koi is also great for your dogs. This CBD Joint Support Dog Treats are made of safe ingredients and spicy pumpkin flavor. This makes them exciting for your dogs. Every piece of treat comes with  5 milligrams of full spectrum hemp extract that is great for all breeds and sizes of dogs. 

Each treat is natural and has plant-based ingredients that are perfect for the digestive system.

Koi products are certainly a few of the must-haves out there. Trust Vape Godshop to help you get all of these products at any time. They deliver what you need anywhere in Fort Worth, TX. 

So get in touch with us to order your favorite Koi product.