WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    Based on 94 reviews

    Very good frover

    Great flavor

    The flavor these pods give is amazing. Sometimes you can get a burnt-tasting hit, but it’s very rare.

    Great Service

    Good price, and it came fast. Happy

    ‘‘Twas dank

    Came way before I expected. Sealed up, exactly what I ordered.

    Best purchase ever

    This pod came in clutch.

    This product is amazing

    I was using a juuling before buying this and man is this better. It's so much Smoother and the flavors taste so much better with it.

    It is pretty good flavor

    I feel that the flavor it’s pretty good. It’s pretty sweet

    Great Vape!

    Compact and lite weight! Just right for the price!


    The Ziiip tobacco pods flavor reminds me of pipe tobacco, smooth and aromatic with the slightest throat tingle. It last about all day and I puff pretty much through the day.

    Tried something new

    Always a risk with trying something new. I love cappuccinos so I figured I would love these. However, they’re too sweet for my taste. Not an everyday pod, mostly a once in a while pod for me. The service/shipping is excellent though!

    smok novo

    Better than any refillable pod system out there I got my package with my pods and juice love it highly recommend it

    ZiiP Podz R Kewel

    Pretty much gas. 10/10 would recommend.


    very professional with great customer service!

    Great, just one thing.

    the flavor is absolutely delicious. great product and i do recommend it. however, the juice does burn VERY quickly. i’m a heavy vapor with my juul so that is probably why but compared to the normal Juul Pods these burn out very fast. IT JUST DEPENDS HOW MUCH U USE IT.


    The pods were very nice and tasted soooo goood love them so much and they are so cheap

    Pods were mad nice tasted so good and got me so buzzed really recommended these pods taste so gooooood

    Fire juice for the juul pods

    I never wouldve expected the way it hits and tastes the vg to pg ratio is just right and its fire if you buy the 45mg

    Suorin air

    Best online shop low prices and legit great service

    Very tasty

    I enjoy the watermelon flavor.


    10 out of 10 condition


    They last a long time shipping was fast amazing product

    Suorin Air Starter Kit

    A 4 star

    I think the mango pods are tasty and they give me a buzz.

    Strawberry kiwi

    My go to flavor.