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I just got this pod last week and I can’t put it down 😂😂. It’s so good it comes out so smooth I love it !

Great flavor!

These pods were a little leaky, but had great flavor!

Almost perfect!

service was quick, shipment arrived in 3 days. Unfortunately I was unable to use 10% discount coupon as there was no place to insert it on order or payment screen.


they are not made for refills coil dies out in about 2 refills but taste is pretty good id recommend the normal juul pods but not a bad product for the price.

So Satisfied

The Novo is absolutely amazing. I would recommend it to anyone.

Mango Ziip Pods

Pretty good

These pods are really good! Not as strong of a lemonade flavor as i was hoping, but all in all a good product.

Much better than a JUUL!

First off JUUL help myself and my wife quit smoking and we loved the JUUL but the filled pods and the knock off ones are okay and cost more than a vapor lover should pay.Reloading the JUUL pods is pretty easy but soaking up the mouth piece filters and some times they leak are a hassle.You find yourself pulling out that small pod and checking the level of the liquid.I lost a JUUL out of my shirt cause I turn wrenches as a living.Next I fried a JUUL device from to much juice on the battery..under warranty but really my fault.Next thing that if you love your JUUL is the suorin air..everything that made the JUUL good makes this so much better.The cost is cheaper is the first number one.The refill or the first fill is so easy no messing with the little pods and soaking up cotton.The tank for this closed system is maybe four times larger than a JUUL..Easy to load and no cotton filers!The hit have a little warmth not hot just so much better than a JUUL.You will not blow out sub ohm clouds but ones much bigger than a JUUL.The charger is very most cell phones so you could charge it anywhere.This is not like the tap it twice JUUL and get the charge level.Basically it glows blue when you hit button to press like a sub ohm..and glows red when the charge is down when you hit it.If you love a JUUL you need to upgrade and love this baby!

Better than juul

In my opinion it hits better I haven’t had and dry hits and I like how it feels in my hand better than the juul

Lemon berry buzz pod

Wasn't impressed with the hit or the flavor

Mango EonSmoke Pods

Suorin edge

Great product. Way better than a JUUL.
Great customer service.

You have so much flavor

Mango has kind of carried over from JUUL as a go to flavor.My wife loves the mango but at 16 bucks for four pods there is a better way.So last that I know reloading pods are not a crime.So we have been searching flavors and orange mango ice is loaded with flavor.The throat hit my be a little bit wild at first but it really let's you know it's there!

Smok infinix

Hits well but burns quickly, also the pods don’t always snap in properly

good experience

Got flow by aqua and I love the flavor and got good nord coils for cheap,

Great flavour

Good flavour. Would buy again.

SMOK Nord Starter Kit

Great product

Fast shipping and nice flavor

Refillable JUUL Pods (JC01 Pods)
Not to good

I bought these thinking they are going to be great.They are very easy to work with is the best plus.Today I said maybe the darn pods are just needing some help.They have only one draw hole compared with two.They have no cotton filters at all.So thinking like the owner of a auto repair shop maybe we can try some things like extra holes for the draw.That was easy enough so we now had a three hole top piece.These pods are kinda like having a kick start Harley.So you draw and draw trying to get it to work.The tops will change over and then I figured out the problem.The problem is with the coils in the bottom of the pod.They just don't fire up enough to give you a good draw.

Pineapple Lemonade Sea100 Pods

Friend said it reminded her of pina colada

Strawberry Milk ZiiP Pods

Loved it

Iced Pina Colada ZiiP Pods
Awesome !!

I reccomend this flavor. They came in in like 4 days and the flavor is amazing. No leaks and there is no burnt taste. 10/10 definitely going to buy more.

Blueberry EonSmoke Pods
Blueberry EonSmoke

I love these!


The flavor was amazing, but it started leaking once the pod was quarter-full