FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

My order was declined, why and how can I fix this issue?

In the unfortunate event your payment has been declined it is due to one of the following reasons: (1) Wrong billing information (etc) has been entered that does not match with the card information you have provided or (2) your card holder is restricting your payment for security reasons. If everything matches with your card information please contact your card holder to authorize this payment. 

How Do I Use A Discount Code?

To use a discount code simply go to checkout and click "Show Order Summary", and a discount box will drop down. Enter your code there and you're done!

What parts of the world does VapeGodShop.com ship to?

We ship to the USA, and now the UK & Canada! We have just added the Uk and Canada as an option in early Feb, 2018. We are working towards world-wide shipping and it is expected to launch in the next year! If we currently do not ship to your location please contact us and we may add it.

I placed an order that didn't go through, but my card was still charged what's happening?

We never take your money unless the order goes through, in this case you have placed an order that was declined for one of the following reasons: Insufficient funds, or wrong billing address/card details entered at checkout. The money will pend for about 1-2 business days and then be returned back into your account. If you'd like the money back instantly, send us an email and we will provide you with the authorization codes for your failed orders. Simply call your bank and request that they void these codes, and the money will return. 

How long does order processing take / How much does shipping cost and how long does it take?

Shipping is always free on orders over $60, and generally takes 1-4 business days depending where you are located in the USA. Shipping cost on orders below $60 vary, but is under $4 no matter what if you're located in the USA. Order processing can take up to 2 business days but is usually completed the first day you order. For international orders(Including Canada), order processing can take up to 5 business days. Canadian shipping cost $9.99 and UK shipping cost $39.99.

What credit/debit cards does VapeGodShop.com accept?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Cards.

What shipping providers do VapeGodShop.com use?

We use USPS mainly, but in some situations we use FedEx or UPS. Shipping is always trackable.

Does this website ID?

Yes we abide by all FDA regulations and we do ID at checkout. This process is very quick though and usually takes less than 30 seconds!

I ordered multiple products and only some came. Are all of the products on VapeGodShop.com stocked in one place?

We do stock most products in our main warehouse in New Orleans, LA. Some products do come from our other warehouses all throughout the USA and this is the reason some people get multiple packages for the same order. If you receive part of your order the rest of it will arrive shortly within the next few days.

I have not received a tracking number yet, what's going on?

Rarely people don't receive their tracking numbers in the first day or two after ordering, all this means is we are still processing your order due to delays or holiday hours. You will always receive a tracking number and if for some reason you don't just contact vapegodshop@gmail.com 

I ordered a product and something different came in, what do I do?

Everyone makes mistakes, but if this does happen we will pay for you to ship the item back to us as long as the item has not been opened or damaged by the buyer. Once we receive the item we would be happy to send the correct item. This rarely ever happens though, so don't expect it to!

I have a question that has not been answered here, How do I get the answer?

Simply go to the contact us page and send us an e-mail. We will normally respond in under 12 hours!