Don't worry! We have the fix (and the PHIX). So before we jump right into this, lets go over some basics. The way O's or rings are formed is when you inhale vapor, and "cough" it out while having your mouth formed in an "O" shape. Sounds easy right? Well it's not, and most people spend months or even years perfecting this trick. So why does it take so long to learn? Simply put, people don't explain this trick how it should be explained. The trick should not be taught as the way described above. Instead of wasting more of your time lets finally get this tutorial going!

Step 1: Mouth Shape & Lip Formation.

As you probably guessed you don't make your mouth into a triangular shape. Instead you need it to be in the shape of an "O". Now just having it in the shape of an "O" won't do the job. The real trick is to keep your lips tightened and pushed back towards your teeth. To understand what we mean, open your mouth and make an "O" shape. Then curl your lips over both your bottom and top teeth with some force. Lastly while keeping the same tension un-curl your lips from under/above your teeth and keep them pressed against the front of your teeth. Look in the mirror and try to get your mouth to look like an "O" as much as possible while keeping your lips compressed and against your teeth. Don't make your "O" shape too big or too small make sure to find the medium from how big you can open your mouth. This means open your mouth as wide as you can in the "O" shape, then cut that size in half. At first, it may be hard to keep your mouth as the way described, but over time it will come naturally.

Step 2: Where to Place Your Tongue:

Surprisingly, most people do not go over this crucial step. This is a step that will determine if your "O" will live a good life, or die in a huge explosion. To start off, bend the tip of your tongue downwards. Press it with a decent amount of force downward. Now, while still pressing it down, move your tongue to the back of your throat. Your tongue should now look something like an upside down "U". Below is a picture demonstration, thanks again to WikiHow.

Step 3: The Cough Method.

A lot of people out there use this method to actually "cough" their O's out. We recommend using this method because it is the most effective. By most effective we mean your O's will look nicer, go faster, and eventually you'll be able to spam them. By "cough" we mean a light cough. Follow all steps above, and once your mouth and tongue are in place you want to cough very lightly from your throat (don't cough using your chest). You'll actually be using your vocal cords for this more than your chest. If you're having trouble try to make the sound "uh" and start very low and work your way up to a higher volume. Once you find the medium, you'll have this trick down in no time!

Step 4: Keep Practicing.

This trick will take some practice, but before no time you'll have it down. Make sure to incorporate everything above correctly as well. One small flaw can cause your O's to turn back into cheerios.

Step 5: (Advanced) How to Spam O's and Make Them Come Out Fast.

Once you have your O's down, try to increase your "cough" rate. While increasing it make sure each cough is solid and not just dragging to the other. This will make it possible for the O's to come out clear and not in a cloudy ball. We would recommend you to cough once every two seconds at first, then after you get that perfected increase your speed rate to one cough a second. Eventually you'll be able to blow them out even faster than every one second. Once mastered you can make them come out even faster by "popping" your jaw up slightly at the same time you "cough". This will give the "O" some more gas to fly. Make sure to practice. 

Step 6: Don't Give Up.

This trick can be frustrating, but as long as you put in some practice you'll have it down in no time. 

Step 7: (Bonus Tip) The Vape You Use.

If you have a box mod, follow the above exactly and don't read any further. On the other hand if you have a pod system such as a JUUL, you may want to read on. When dealing with a device that produces less dense vapor coughing lighter may help your O's come out better. Coughing too hard will make them dissolve and die. Just keep this in mind, make sure to treat each device differently and to take the time to find the perfect "cough" and jaw "pop" rate/force. 

Thank you for reading and we hope we have helped you get them O's down! This is our first blog, so expect more in the future. If you need a vape, or some e-juice make sure to check out our product list on our site. We have everything from SMOK to JUUL products.. and even CBD goods if you're into that. Click HERE to visit our homepage to browse our products.