Understanding Hyde Nicotine Disposables Sold in Fort Worth, TX

If you have chosen to quit smoking and switch to vaping, there is a lot to learn. You may wonder which e-liquid will deliver an experience close to cigarette smoking and which products to settle for once you decide to switch. This is where VapeDZ online comes in with excellent recommendations that are safe and deliver an exceptional experience. 

Switching to vaping is an excellent way to take care of yourself. However, it is easier said than done as there are several questions you need to answer. For example, you must know which vape pen is perfect for you. This may mean checking out different products in the market before setting for the most convenient.

A perfect example would be the Hyde nicotine disposables. These are disposable pens that come pre-filled with e-liquid (and nicotine). Keep reading to figure out more.

What are They?

Vaping is meant to be a fun experience. Unfortunately, this can easily become a boring and tiring experience if you must keep recharging, refilling, and maintaining your vaping device. It can become a difficult habit to sustain. Fortunately, disposable vapes provide a solution that works conveniently. 

The Hyde nicotine disposables come with pre-filled e-juice that lasts until you exhaust it. Once done, you do not have to refill, recharge, or replace the pod. Instead, you ought to get a new stash if you are to continue vaping. Just be sure to dispose of the vape pen properly. You can also check out different Hyde vape pen flavors and easily choose a favorite one.

Which are the Different Types of Hyde Nicotine Disposables?

Hyde disposables will always stand out because of the variety of flavors they deliver. Unfortunately, besides the flavors, they also come in different types, which is sometimes confusing. Find out more below.

  1. Hyde Original and Original Plus

It is advisable to begin with the original series of this product if you are beginning your exploration. These have 1.8 mL vape juice and contain around 25 to 50 mg of nicotine. They come with a 380 mAh battery which lasts long enough until the vape juice is over. 

The originals are available in 17 standard flavors and five more in the method and tobacco series. The original plus is not very different from the Hyde original, only that it is bigger and has a better airflow system giving smoother puffs.

  1. Hyde Color and Color Plus

These categories or types of Hyde disposable are perfect for people who want color, vibrancy, and aesthetic appeal. They also have three categories of flavors, namely the standard, menthol, and tobacco flavors.

The Hyde color comes with 1.6 mL vape juice and 25 to 50 mg nicotine, and a 280 mAh battery. On the other hand, the Hyde color plus is larger and has a 5 mL capacity and 50 mg nicotine. It is, however, limited to standard flavors only and has adjustable airflow.

  1. Hyde Slim and Slim S

This is the thinnest option of the Hyde collection. It is slightly taller than the original and has 1.3 mL vape juice, 50 mg nicotine, and a 280 mAh battery with various flavor options. A recent addition would be the Slim S version which offers more colorful designs but has a slightly smaller capacity since it has 1.25 mL of e-liquid.

  1. Hyde Edge

This disposable offers a larger option with a 6 mL capacity and 1,100 mAh battery. However, the nicotine level remains at 50 mg. It has an upgraded airflow technology and delivers standard flavors with different variants to choose from.

  1. Hyde Curve, Curve Max, Curve Plus, Curve S

The shape makes a huge difference with this Hyde disposable. First, it is fully round, which makes it different from the others, which have curved edges. 

The first option from this series is the Curve with 1.6 mL e-liquid, 50 mg nicotine, and a 310 mAh battery. It has fewer flavor selections, but users can still pick from the 14 fun alternatives available.   

The Curve S only is slightly different from the original Curve since it has a 2 mL capacity and comes with a 400 mAh battery. It also has menthol and tobacco flavors.

The Curve Plus is better for those who want more since it comes with a 5 mL e-liquid and 1,000 mAh battery.

The Curve Max is even larger with better battery life and more juice – since it has 8 mL making it the biggest in the Hyde family. It also comes with an adjustable airflow feature.

  1. Hyde Duo and Duo Plus

The Duo series takes the vaping fun to the next level with its 2-in-1 feature. It delivers two flavors at the same time. While the selection is small, these come prefilled with 2 mL vape juice. In addition, they carry 50 mg of nicotine and run on a 370 mAh battery.

If 2 mL is limited for you, choose the Duo Plus with dual power. The puff count totals 1,100 as opposed to the 400 to 500 of the original Duo.

Hyde disposables come in different variants. Once you figure out which one you need, trust Vape God Shop to deliver it to you anywhere in Fort Worth, TX. We deliver at your convenience.

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