Why Beginners in Fort Worth, TX Should Choose the Air Bar Lux

Trust VapeDz to bring you the best options as far as vaping devices and options are concerned. The Air Bar Lux from Suorin is one of the best disposables a vaping beginner can opt for. It not only delivers in terms of performance but is also sleek and quite a piece to have around. Their great e-liquid capacity and battery life is something that you'll appreciate as a beginner trying to figure things out and most likely make mistakes. 

With over 30 flavors to select from and a promise of a smooth and pleasurable delivery, you can bet this will be a worthwhile experience, even as a beginner. What will make you fall in love even more, is that the device is very easy to maintain and will not be an issue even when you forget to clean. Those who travel a lot will appreciate the travel-friendly size and portability that will support your vaping hobby even when you are moving.

It Delivers Comfortable and Extended Vaping

Beginners are better off with vapes that deliver extended use. This is because they need to learn as they make mistakes., A vaping device that delivers fewer puffs may not be ideal in such a phase. Unfortunately, this vape has a 500mAh battery and comes with a 2.7ml of nic salt e-liquid, which allows you to enjoy at least 1000 draws. This is more than enough for a vaping newbie, especially those looking for a smooth transition from tobacco cigarettes to vaping. 

The other thing you will love is the fact that this device is light in weight. At 43 grams, it is certainly one of the lightest disposables on the market. The mouthpiece makes your vaping experience even more convenient and comfortable, thanks to the soft rubber that allows for a smooth inhalation and protects your teeth while vaping. 

You also don't have to worry about the buttons to enjoy a great vaping experience. All you have to do for that smooth vaping experience is to take a draw. The top part of the device has a gentle glow, making it cool when vaping.

The Anti-Leak Design Equals Improved Safety

The Air Bar Lux has an enhanced anti-leak safety technology that saves you from countless inconveniences. E-juice leakages can be serious as they may easily damage and wreck the vaping device or cause internal burnouts.

 This will certainly interfere with your vaping experience and lessen your inhaling of vapor. In addition, the safety feature ensures that the cartridge is secured and that you never have to worry about stains resulting from the leak or compromised vaping experienced due to insufficient vapor.

Easy to Use and No Maintenance Needed

As a beginner, you certainly want a device that is simple to use. You could also benefit from not having to worry about complex maintenance procedures. Fortunately, the Air Bar Lux comes wrapped in a plastic package with a nice rubber cover. All you have to do is unpack and remove the stopper, which will be good to use. Vape until the tank is empty when you can replace it.

Experiment with the different flavors to find your favorite. This is something you will certainly appreciate. Consider getting your favorite one from VapeGodShop. You can benefit from delivery services if you live anywhere in Fort Worth, TX. Get in touch and let us know where you want your device delivered.

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