Best Air Bar Lux Flavors (TOP 5)

Air Bar Lux are designed and manufactured by the famous company Suorin, they are known for their brilliant airflow that gives you the buzz you've been craving. Each device comes packed with a powerful pre charged battery that gives you around 1000 puffs. Each puff tastes fresh and fruity throughout the whole amount of 1000 puffs, that is why everyone is in love with them! Air Bars are known for their amazing flavor line, they have over 15 flavors to pick including many menthol and non menthol options. 

Top 5 Flavors in Air Bar Lux:


Who doesn’t love Air Bar Lux Shake Shake! It is the perfect balance between three amazing flavors, strawberries, apples and bananas topped off with an icy menthol. One of the best fruity mixes around, none of the fruits overpowering the other. The menthol is also not overwhelming, just there to add a bit of a kick to this flavor. A great topical shake escape, to your favorite summertime memory.

Number 2: Grape Ice

For all the grape fans out there, this is a great choice. Since Puff brand is out of business sadly the Aloe Grape flavor is discontinued but this Air Bar Lux Grape Ice tastes exactly like it, that is why people are loving it. The sweet grapes mixed with the icy menthol creates a soda flavored grape on the rocks! If you never tried Grape flavored disposables before, you are missing out if you do not try this one.

Number 3: Pineapple Ice

If you had a hard day at work and need something refreshing, try Air Bar Lux Pineapple Ice. It will make you forget about all your problems and help you relax the rest of the night. The flavor is powerful filled with the freshest and richest pineapples with a strong kick of menthol to ease everything off. Pineapple Ice is a hard flavor to find in disposables but just so good. This is one of the flavors that you can not get sick of, just a great time when vaping. 

Number 4: Strawberry Mango

A classic mix that has been in the Air Bar flavor line since they started and it just keeps getting better every new generation of Air Bar. The Air Bar Lux Strawberry Mango, hands down the best Strawberry Mango this brand has made. Two classic flavors blended together finley, the sweet strawberries are matched perfectly by the mild mango. A great choice for all non menthol smokers!

Number 5: Blueberry Raspberry 

Another non menthol flavor that brings happiness to your taste buds with every puff. The two mix so well together bringing you two great berries. This is a simple little treat to enjoy and vape on throughout the whole day. Being non menthol claimed it down a lot! 

These are just the top five flavors, there are so many more flavors to pick! Check out all the flavors on our website.