The *NEW* JUUL Starter Kit is Here!

JUUL Starter Kits are back! After banning fruit flavors, JUUL did not sell their "fruit" starter kits in retail stores anymore. So, for this new year JUUL has just released their all new 2019 JUUL starter kit. This starter kit will unfortunately not have any fruit flavors inside, but does come with one mint and one tobacco pod. With this change from four pods to two, the price has also dropped. Before, the starter kits used to retail at $49.99-$59.99, now they retail for $44.99-$54.99 depending on where you get this new starter kit at. We do stock it over here at VapeGodShop for $43.99, and we do plan to keep everyone updated with what's happening in the vape industry. JUUL does plan to release their fruit flavors again in the coming months once they put their new age verification processes in place. This will include making every retail shop scan each ID, and limit the amount purchased monthly. Every consumer will also have to be 21+ in retail stores. (We will continue to sell to 18+ as long as 18 is the legal age in the state the consumer resides) Many consumers have become frustrated and switched to JUUL compatible pods. These are cheaper, and offer more flavors so the ban shouldn't hurt anybody too much. Unfortunately, JUUL has targeted these compatible pod companies. If they do win these lawsuits, and the compatible pods get taken off the shelves many may decide to switch to another device. EonSmoke has commented on this issue, and has stated that JUUL is only doing this because they want to destroy their competition so they can raise prices and make more money. Whatever the case really is, the flavor ban can cause adults to switch back to combustible cigarettes. If JUUL keeps making it harder to buy these flavored pods, and raise prices in the process it will hurt their brand. JUUL has recently raised the prices on their pods slightly, but we did not pass this cost onto our customers. This is why we are a huge advocate for JUUL compatible pods, as we can offer our customers more for less. Despite these issues, we still love the JUUL device and honestly believe it's one of a smokers best options to make the switch. Let's save lives, and make families happier in the process. 


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