Top 5 selling vape disposable flavors

Top best vape disposable flavors available in the market in our opinion. They are flavors for everyone to enjoy and love! Our website VapeGodShop, carries all the five flavors from this list. 

Number 1: 

Our number one top seller disposable vape flavor is Strawberry Yogurt by Uno Mas. Uno Mas has made it their mission to create flavors never created in disposable before. They created a great selection for everyone to enjoy vaping from fruity to menthol flavors. Strawberry Yogurt is something different, sweet strawberries mixed with a creamy smooth and rich yogurt. Everyone is in love with this flavor! The disposable is 1200 puffs.

Number 2: 

Air Bar Lux Shake Shake is sure to be number two! A great opinion for menthol fans. Air Bar Lux is made by the company that created the great device Suorin Air Plus. This flavor is known to hit the spot and to bring a different airflow and design to the market. Each air bar Lux disposable vape has 1000 puffs! Shake Shake is a mixture between strawberry, apple and banana shake with a lot of ice. 

Number 3:

Strawberry Dragon Fruit Peach in the Pod King Maxx. If you are not a fan of menthol but still want a fruity flavor this is the go to. This disposable vape has the perfect blend between sweet strawberries, Ripe dragon fruit and juicy peach. The Maxx has 600 puffs but Pod King created Supreme which has 1200 puffs and also has the flavor Strawberry Dragon Fruit Peach ice but it is menthol. The Maxx has over 10 flavors to pick from!

Number 4:

Strawberry Cream in Puur! Puur just released Puur Ultra which has 1800 puffs to enjoy lasting an average person more than a week. They original Puur disposable vape has only 750 puffs. In both versions of Puur they have the Strawberry Cream Flavor. It’s a sweet juicy and fresh strawberries topped off with a rich and creamy finish! Both versions are different from other disposables on the market because they have 4 different airflow holes at the bottom for air to flow through creating a whole different vaping experience. 

Number 5: 

Last but not least Passion Fruit Mango by Uno Mas created by SKOL. Uno Mas made it on the list twice because they have amazing flavors for everyone to enjoy and they last an average person about a week. They all come with 1200 puffs. Ripe passion fruit and Rich fruity mango.