Are The JUUL Mango Pods COMING BACK?!

Are JUUL's Fruit Flavors Going Bye Bye?! Well.. Let's See.

In the past few weeks JUUL has recently pulled their fruit flavored pods out of every convenience store and vape shop and has left them six feet below in a cold grave of sorrow. Some people think this move was forced by the FDA, and that is not true.. well partly. While the FDA did make JUUL pull their fruit flavored pods from convenience stores, they did not from vape shops. So, why did JUUL do this? Well you see.. they have a plan. Anyone who wants to sell JUUL's flavored pods will soon have to have upgraded age verification technology implemented in their vape shop. JUUL pulled their flavored pods off the shelves until this measure can be sorted. Consumers will also be required to be 21+ even though most states still have 18+ tobacco laws. This may seem like a little too much, but they are doing this to protect their 16+ billion dollar company that currently controls 70% of the vaping industry. Now for us, what will we do? We have already upgraded our age verification on our website that will now ask you guys for either the last four of your social OR a photo of you holding your ID. 

Will We Ever Sell JUUL's Fruit Flavored Pods Again?!

Hopefully! Instead of grave digging for them we do sell three different JUUL compatible brands. This means the ban doesn't have to hurt you. You can still get mango, and many other flavors that JUUL never offered. PLUS they are cheaper and come with 0.3mls of more e-liquid per pod. We highly suggest you to check them out, just click the menu tab and go to JUUL>JUUL Pods>All JUUL Compatible Pods. 

When Are JUUL's Mango Pods Expected To Come Back?

We would estimate that they will be back on shelves and most likely back on our website in early 2019. The new protocol will take some time to implement, so unless you love cool mint or virginia tobacco you will have to be patient. 

For now if your not busy, why not browse our website? Click HERE to browse.