Novo X vs Novo 2

Novo 2 and Novo X are both made by Smok company so what is so different between the two? Novo X was just released recently by Smok to improve the Novo 2. With the new upgraded and improved Novo X which now has a screen which shows you're battery and puff count. Novo X comes with a button which can turn the device on/off with five clicks which saves you a lot more battery life. Then, with three clicks you can turn the wattage up or lower it. With this new device they made .8ohm pods which gives you a different pathway for a improved smoother hit. 

Novo 2 is a lot more simple then the X. The 2 does not have a button so you have no worries about forgetting to turn it off. It is ready whenever just pull it out and take a puff. A lot less things to worry about. Also this device is cheaper than the X. They have it set on a certain wattage so you do not have to worry about which wattage to use. 

You can shop for both devices and starter kits but clicking on which one you want