Top 5 Flavors For Pod King Supreme Disposable Vape (1200 puffs)

The Supreme is made by the very well known company, Pod King. The Pod King Supreme Disposable Vape has 1200 puffs which is twice as much puffs as the regular Pod King Maxx. It is supported by a strong battery to ensure it lasts 1200 puffs with 14 different delicious flavors to pick up. One of the longest flavor lines in disposables and we are here to tell you the Top 5 Flavors!

Top 5 Pod King Supreme Disposable Vape Flavors:

Number 1: Strawberry Dragon Fruit Peach Ice

Everyone is in love with this flavor and so are we! Honestly one of a few flavors we can not get sick and tired of. It sounds like a lot but everything is perfectly blended together creating a unique tasty treat. The sweet strawberries are balanced out with the dragon fruit mixed with ripe peaches and a cool menthol finish! This is an amazing first pick for everyone to smoke and enjoy. 

Number 2: Apple Bomb

For all those apple fans, Apple Bomb is the go to. It is a kick filled with sour green apples then a sweet red apples exhale. Many people say this flavor tastes like a glass of apple juice in the morning. This is a go to if you are feeling a bit lazy. 100% recommended by our staff, for your first supreme.

Number 3: Mint Bomb

For all the mint fans, but this not any regular mint. This is a strong fruity mint, leaving you with chills of freshness after every hit. The Mint Bomb is very handy when you have been at working all day and feel like your breath is a little hot. Reminds our staff of a pack of spearmint mixed with bubble gum pack of gum. 

Number 4: Strawberry Cheesecake 

This flavor will remind you of a thanksgiving southern treat. Both these flavors work perfectly together with the sweet, juicy strawberries topped off by the smooth creamy cheesecake. I know guys my mouth is drooling too. After a big meal this would be a great vape to enjoy. This flavor is something different, not just any fruity flavor. 

Number 5: Strawberry Mango Teen

They perfectly blend between flavors, greatly balanced out to enjoy. The sweet and fruity strawberries mashed with mango teen is really good! Something new to the plate never done before in other disposables. That's a crazy enjoyable summertime experience. 

The Pod King Supreme has a lot more flavors than just these 5 and you can check them all out on our website, With fast shipping 1-4 days. Click the Link to check out the other flavors.