Top 5 Pod King Maxx Disposable Vape Flavors

The Maxx, by Pod King, is twice as many hits as the regular Pod king which has 300 hits. The Pod King Maxx disposable vapes has 40% more juice than the regular ones and a powerful battery. Also there is a lot more flavors that was never done in the regular pod king. 

Number 1: Strawberry Dragon Fruit Peach

Everyone is in love with this flavor and can never get sick of. It sounds like there is a lot of flavors that go into it but it all blends in so perfect. The sweet strawberries are mixed perfectly with dragon fruit and topped off with peach. None of the flavors are overpowering, they all mixed just perfectly. Strawberry Dragon Fruit Peach is a must!

Number 2: Blood Apple Ice

Blood Apple Iced in the Maxx, is amazing, taste like a cold cup of apple juice. If you are a menthol fan then this is the flavor to get! Refreshing ripe apples with cold menthol finish. You could never go wrong with this flavor. 

Number 3: Banana Milk

Are you a banana fan? Then try Banana Milk in Pod King Maxx, gives you all the banana you crave in a disposable. Rich smooth creamy milk blended with ripe bananas to create the perfect disposable for banana fans. 

Number 4: Grape Apple Iced

If you have a sweet tooth, the grape twisted with crisp apple with a touch of menthol creates a candy flavored vape. Taste exactly like skittles! Many people do not get this flavor because of the grape but it is not overpowering at all. 

Number 5: Tiger Blood

Tiger Blood might sounds weird, it is one of those flavors that you can not get sick of. It taste just like the regular Red Bull drink. Our staff are in love with this flavor and it is hard to keep in stock!

The Maxx, has a lot more flavors but these are our top 5. They have a lot more you can shop for all of them on our website here