Top 5 UNO Mas Disposables Flavors

UNO Mas made by Skol is a pre-filled 5% salt nicotine disposable with 12 flavors to choose from. We made a list of the top 5 UNO Mas flavors that you should try today! Come with 1200 puffs of heaven taste!

Number 1: Passion Fruit Mango

Number one that you have to get is Passion Fruit Mango! It is a great combination of tangy passion fruit and a hint of sweet mango slices. It is not too much of both just perfectly balanced out. One of those flavors that you crave and can not get sick of. 

Number 2: Strawberry Yogurt 

Many people do not give this flavor a change because who wants to smoke a Strawberry Yogurt Flavor. It is honestly mind blowing how delicious the flavor is. Taste exactly like strawyberry yogurt by Yoplait from the grocery store, it is a creamy yogurt mixed with the freshest strawberries. If you a fan of desert flavor vapes this is a must! This is great disposable flavor that will never get boring.

Number 3: Iced Blueberry

Iced blueberry UNO Mas Disposable is a great mixture of fresh ripe blueberries and a great hit of menthol. Taste just like the blue jolly rancher, just pure heaven. The Menthol hit just makes the blueberry more tasty and enjoyable.

Number 4: Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade in this brand is honestly the best Pink Lemonade we ever tasted. Brings back all the summer memories, and makes new memories. The tangy sour taste of the lemonade is mixed perfect with a sugary sweetness. 

Number 5: Pina Colada 

Pina Colada taste just like the smoothie! Amazing flavor to please your sweet tooth desires. Topical coconut twisted with a pineapple creating a perfect vape cocktail. 

You can shop for all 12 flavors on our website VapegodShop. Just click UNO MAS!