Ways To Save

We appreciate you over here at VGS, and to show it we've created four different loyalty programs that allow you to save like never before! 

How Bulk Discounts Work:

It's very simple. The more you spend, the more we are able to offer you back. Bulk discounts start at a cart value of only $20, and go up to $100. Each additional tier reached will result in a lower price. Guest are able to save up to 16%, and members can save up to 23% via our bulk discount program.

How Memberships Work:

Memberships are the ultimate way to save, but sadly like everything else in this world they are not free. VGS memberships are for medium to heavy vapers, these are the people who will benefit the most. Just like our bulk discount program, the more you spend the more you save. Going with our yearly membership which is $39.95 a year will ultimately only cost you a cup of coffee every month, and not even the expensive kind ($3.32 a month). With that being said, is it worth it? Of course! Members save 20% on every single order, and can save up to 23% via our bulk discount program. Members are not eligible for our loyalty program though, as only one discount can be applied to each order and members always receive a huge discount so.. If you are spending over $20 a month on vaping products, do yourself a favor and become a member because you will save so much in a years time. 

How Loyalty Rewards Work:

Our VGS Loyalty Program makes every dollar you spend worth it. Not only does each dollar spent earn you 7 points, but just signing up and doing other easy activities can earn you 400+ free points that you can use to redeem for website credit.  

How Free Shipping Works:

Yes, on top of all the ways we provide for you to save we also have a free shipping program. Orders over $60 qualify for free USPS first class shipping, and discounted USPS priority mail shipping. Orders over $100 qualify for free USPS priority mail shipping. 

Benefits For Guest Overview:

Not being a member is okay, we still appreciate you more than you can imagine! That's why we offer you our bulk discount program and our loyalty program. Using these two combined can be a powerful tool to help you save big bucks.

Benefits For Members Overview:

What else is there to say? You get 20% off every single purchase, and when combined with our bulk discount program you can save up to 23%. Crazy how much one monthly cup of coffee can save you huh?

Is Shopping With VGS Worth It?

That's the big question, yes it is. Not only are our prices competitive, but we provide you with the unique opportunity to save in many ways. Our amazing staff packages and ships orders the same day your purchase so you will never have to worry about long shipping times (unless due to holidays, or weather delays). We also have a dedicated customer support team that you can chat with directly via our website mon-fri 10am-10pm. On the weekends, we still monitor our emails and website chatting service but it may be a little slower. We have also updated our website in March, 2019 to make it more user friendly to upgrade your shopping experience. I hope we answered all of your questions about our programs. If you have any further questions just click the little chat icon at the bottom of your screen, we'd love to help!