Palax Salt Nicotine Juice 35MG Fresh Mint
Palax Salt Nicotine Juice 35MG Cherry Lemon
Palax Salt Nicotine Juice 35MG Summer Vibes
Palax Salt Nicotine Juice 35MG Fcuking Fab
Palax Salt Nicotine Juice 35MG Twister Blue
Palax Salt Nicotine Juice 35MG Pinkie
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Palax Salt Nicotine Juice 35MG

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If you want a salt nicotine e-liquid that mimics the flavor of disposable vapes, Palax Salt Nic Juice is a must try, available only in 35 mg. Enjoy smooth, fresh puffs without any of the harsh taste.

Palax Salt Nic comes in a 30mL bottle and offers 6 mouthwatering flavors, delivering the same amazing taste as their disposables. With a blend of 30% PG and 70% VG, this juice will not burn out your coil quickly. 

Palax Salt Flavors: 

  • Pinkie: Enjoy the refreshing taste of lemonade combined with the sweetness of ripe strawberries.

  • Fresh Mint: Experience a cool, crisp mint flavor reminiscent of peppermint, leaving your taste buds with a refreshing finish.

  • Twister Blue: Savor the classic tangy taste of blue raspberry.

  • Summer Vibes: Relish a perfect blend of citrus and tropical fruits, capturing the essence of summer.

  • Cherry Lemon: Delight in the sweet taste of cherries paired with a zesty lemon tang, nothing like cherry medicine.

  • Fcuking Fab: Indulge in the rich flavors of juicy mangoes, pineapple, and sweet candy.

Product Features: 

  • 35 MG Salt Nicotine Level

  • 30 mL Bottle 

  • Plastic Dripper Bottle with Child Resistant Cap

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