Try Out the New Uno Amped Disposable Vapes

One of the well-known brands in the vaping industry-Uno (Skol) has introduced a new model in their disposable vape section under the name Uno Amped Disposable Vape. It is a great way to enjoy tobacco-free nicotine. Even smokers who wish to quit cigarettes can rely on the Uno Amped Disposable Vapes for an amazing smoking experience. 

You can learn more about Uno Amped Disposable Vape in the blog below. 

Features of Uno Amped Disposable Vape 

Similar to other vapes in the same category, even Uno Amped comes loaded with some exciting features which are sure to tempt you. The device is equipped with a double battery capacity and with twice the size of the e-juice reservoir. This combination of battery and e-juice capacity is perfect for a long-lasting vaping session of about 2000 puffs. They can last even for a few days depending on the frequency of your vape sessions. Details of the features are mentioned below: 

  • Nicotine e-juice capacity of 4 ml
  • Available in 10 flavors 
  • Nicotine salt strength of 5%
  • Provides a puff count of 2000
  • The battery capacity of 1200 mAh 

Apart from this, the device has a perfect form of square body with rounded edges which gives you a good grip over it. 

Uno Amped Disposable Vape is also a great device for beginners who have just stepped in the world of vaping. If you are someone who is looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes, then this may be the perfect device for you. 

Flavors of Uno Amped 

When it comes to flavors, Uno Amped can leave others behind with its exciting flavors. A few of its most popular flavors are: 

  • Watermelon candy 
  • Strawberry yogurt 
  • Rainbow Skittle candy 
  • Pina colada 
  • Passion fruit mango 
  • Melon Twist 
  • Lush ice 
  • Keylime pie 
  • Energy bull 
  • Cool mint 

With these exciting flavors and amazing features, Uno Amped Disposable Vapes is hard to miss out on. You can now buy your favorite vapes from Vape God Shop in Fort Worth, Texas. Contact our team now for more details on any of our products or services.